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Assistant Professor at UoL


My research expertise is in Educational Technology, Embodied Cognition and Learning, Online Learning and Research Methods in Education. I work on effective teaching methodologies and strategies mediated by technology, human-computer interaction, teaching effectiveness and learning, and language learning across all levels of education.


I am an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Management and Technology at UoL and the Co-Director of the MSc in Education, Leadership and Management. I hold a PhD in Educational Technology from the Cyprus Interaction Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology, an M.Ed in Pedagogical Sciences (Universita Degli Studi Roma III - Italy), an MA in New Technologies in Learning and Communication (Cyprus University of Technology) and a BA in Classical Studies (National University of Athens - Greece). Before joining UoL, I worked as Head of Education at the CARDET research centre (2020-2023) and as a part-time lecturer in Distance Education at the School of Education of the University of Nicosia (2017-2023) and the Cyprus University of Technology (2016-2023).

I am an external collaborator at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CPI), offering training to teachers of all levels in the context of their professional development on topics related to digital skills, teaching effectiveness, students’ engagement, and the use of technology in the classroom. I am also a member of the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience journal, a reviewer in other educational journals and a member of the Programme Committee of the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.

Personal Information

  • Name Dr. Panagiotis Kosmas
  • Residence Limassol, CY
  • Address Agias Filaxeos 92, Limassol 3086
  • Phone +357 25261160
  • Email


Kosmas, P. and Zaphiris, P., 2023. Improving students’ learning performance through Technology-Enhanced Embodied Learning: A four-year investigation in classrooms. Educ Inf Technol 28, 11051–11074 (2023).

Nisiforou, E.A., Kosmas, P. and Vrasidas, C., 2021. Emergency remote teaching during COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned from Cyprus. Educational Media International, 58(2), pp.215-221.

Kosmas, P. and Zaphiris, P., 2020. Words in action: Investigating students’ language acquisition and emotional performance through embodied learning. Innovation in language learning and teaching, 14(4), pp.317-332.

Kosmas, P., Ioannou, A. and Zaphiris, P., 2019. Implementing embodied learning in the classroom: Effects on children’s memory and language skills. Educational Media International, 56(1), pp.59-74.

Kosmas, P., Ioannou, A. and Retalis, S., 2018. Moving bodies to moving minds: A study of the use of motion-based games in special education. TechTrends, 62, pp.594-601.

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  • Information and Communication Technologies in Education & Management
  • Research Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative data analysis
  • Principles of Educational Leadership and Management
  • Educational Technology and Innovative Teaching Methods

Contact me.

    Agias Filaxeos 92, Limassol 3086
    +357 25261160